Introducing the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti

The best-selling series of 2016 just got bigger.

Introducing the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti – bigger and better for only R21 750.

Features specific to the Elite 9 Ti include:

  • Lowrance-exclusive, high-resolution, 9-inch, LED-backlit colour display.
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen.
  • Touchscreen provides fast, fingertip access to all Elite-9 Ti features.
  • CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan®HD and DownScan Imaging™.
  • Top-of-the line sonar technologies provide the best possible view of the environment beneath your boat. StructureScan® HD requires optional TotalScan™ transducer.
  • TrackBack™.
  • Scroll back through your sonar, SideScan or DownScan history to review structure or fish targets and mark the location with a waypoint.
  • Internal GPS antenna.
  • Highly accurate, built-in GPS antenna.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity.
  • Access to the GoFree™ Cloud where you can shop, purchase, download and immediately use Insight maps, and third-party maps from GoFree partners.
  • Boat Integration and System Control.
  • Bluetooth® control of Power-Pole® shallow water anchors and SmartSteer™ control of Motorguide® Xi5 Trolling Motors
    microSD card slot.

About the Elite Ti Series

With more viewing options than any competitor, Elite Ti models come standard with CHIRP sonar across more frequencies, exclusive and instant TrackBack™ sonar history recall and compatibility with the TotalScan™ all-in-one Skimmer® transducer, providing CHIRP and StructureScan® HD with SideScan and DownScan Imaging™.

All Elite Ti models use proven high-resolution imaging frequencies — both 455 and 800 kHz — for StructureScan HD, DownScan Imaging and DownScan Overlay™ for super-fine, incomparable detail. Only StructureScan HD imaging makes available the widest side-scan range in fishing. With a max range of 300 ft. to each side of the boat, Elite-Ti is easier to use, eliminating multiple passes.

You will spend less time idling and more time fishing with Elite Ti.

Superior networking features including NMEA 2000® (excluding Elite-5 Ti) and wireless connectivity that not only delivers notifications about new software updates, but allows you to download new software directly to the display, for the Elite Ti and all connected NMEA 2000 devices. Elite Ti features onboard Service Assistant and Network Analyzer Wi-Fi service tools, enabling you to send system reports, screenshots and software version information directly to Lowrance Customer Service. Wi-Fi also connects you to the GoFree® Shop, allowing you to upload sonar data or download custom maps from your Insight Genesis™ account. Bluetooth® wireless capability enables control of C-Monster® controlled single- or dual- Power-Pole® installations directly from the Elite-Ti touchscreen.

The Elite Ti Series features a clean, rugged design. Just what you would expect from Lowrance. Matching great performance and exceptional features with easy-to-use operation.

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Lowrance ski boat bundle special

You can get an awesome Lowrance ski boat bundle for only R49 999. This means you save an incredible R11 821.

The bundle includes:

  • An HDS 9 GEN3 networkable unit – including CHIRP sonar and GPS chartplotter.
  • An Outboard Pilot (autopilot for hydraulic outboard motors)
  • An HST-DFSBL transducer (transom mounted dual frequency 600 watt)

Lowrance ski boat bundle special - Silver Lake Marine

It’s the ideal electronic setup for avid deep sea anglers.

Optional extras include:

  • Lowrance VHF radio and VHF antenna
  • Navionics Platinum Plus chart
  • Sonic Hub audio marine system
  • Radar system
  • Engine management

This offer is for a limited time only and is only available while stocks last.

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Boat storage checklist

Once you have retrieved your boat, it’s important to spend some time running through a standard check list to ensure your boat is ready for storage.


Ensure that your licences and certificates are up-to-date. If these are expected to lapse before your next time out on the water, schedule some time in your calendar to have them renewed. In St Francis Bay, river and canal licences are renewable annually in June. Your Certificate of Fitness is also renewable annually – the date varies depending on when last you had your vessel certified.


Look out for anything that might need repairs, replacements or modifications. Make sure that all the electronics are working properly and the holding tank is free of any leaks. Be sure to check things like your fire extinguisher/s, life jackets, navigation lights, flares, anchors, fuel tanks, etc.


After you’ve run through the checklist of repairs and replacements, clean the inside of your boat.

  • Remove any and all traces of garbage.
  • Clear out any lockers or cabinets in the cabin.
  • Scrub the decks with some lemon oil. Clean your boat’s carpets.
  • Empty out your bilge, but don’t pump the bilge water out if you see an oily film – you don’t want to pollute the water you’ll be swimming in later. You can clear out the bilge using a bucket or an electric pump.
  • Remove any extra gear that’s lying around on the deck and in the cabin.


After you’re done playing boat custodian, head over to the engine bay.

  • Top off the fuel tank with gas and add fuel stabiliser to keep your gas fresh.
  • Change the oil filter and replace the engine oil.
  • Check all the hoses, belts and clamps to make sure there aren’t any holes, leaks or frays.
  • Flush out the coolant system with water.


  • Flush out the head with clean water.
  • Pump out whatever remains in your holding tank. You’ll want to take a quick look at the Y-valve, macerator and discharge hose to see if anything needs fixing.
  • Store your boat stern-down so that rain drains through the scuppers.
  • Give your vessel some structural support under boat covers and tarps.


At Silver Lake Marine, we provide comprehensive boat storage services to ensure that your vessel remains in tip-top shape, even while it is in storage. For your obligation-free quote, please pop us an email using the contact form below.

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